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The War Zone


As I said in the “About” section, I have a sort of love-hate relationship with my sewing. I really enjoy the creative side of it. The search for fabric and patterns is great fun, but usually only if I have nothing specific in mind. When I spy a pattern or fabric that I love, then the ideas flow like a downpour, fast and intense. If I am looking for something more specific, then it becomes less satisfying. The drive from fabric shop to fabric shop in search of that elusive pattern or fabric just drives me bonkers, and it’s even worse if I have to find BOTH a specific fabric AND a specific pattern. Spontaneous buying works best for me – but it does result in a rather large stash of impulsively bought sewing supplies that I “will get around to using one day”.

Yesterday was a prime example. I was looking for some angel fabric so I could make a bag for a friend who loves angels. But the fabrics with angels on were all Christmas ones, and I wanted a fabric that would be suitable year-round. So I went for a wander through the quilting fabrics, just to see what else there was. I spied a cat print fabric, and thought that was suitable, as the same friend loves cats, as do my daughter and I, so the fabric wouldn’t be wasted if I got more than what I needed. On the prowl for some fabric that I could match it to, I found some more cat fabric in the same range….and some more…..and some more….

I ended up with over ten metres of various cat print fabrics, plus a few other fabrics that took my fancy. And now I don’t want to use them for my friend’s bag, because I have a quilt for my daughter in mind instead. So I am back to square one. And I STILL didn’t get the red fabric or the interfacing that were the reason I was in the shop to start with!

Now let’s return to my love-hate relationship with sewing, and explore another reason why it occurs – My Sewing Room, aka The Disaster Zone!

I have always had a problem with keeping things tidy, and this has certainly been so with my sewing room. So one year, when I had earned some extra money by making a heap of dance costumes for non-sewing dance mums, I decided that the best way to spend the proceeds was to organise my sewing room. I bought some adjustable shelves, and boxes for all my goodies. I wanted to build in a desk too, but money didn’t extend that far, and neither did my know-how! So here’s the result….

My Sewing Room

As you can see, it kept many things tidy and organised. I could have a box for just about everything, the boxes stack, so make the most of the available space, and being see through helps me lay my hands on whatever I need with relative ease. So what is the problem, you might well ask? Just look down….

The War Zone

And that’s the best view! The mess takes up most of the floor and spills out of the door. I seem to have run out of space to put all my beloved craft supplies. The resulting piles of “stuff” just keep on growing, and help to create an environment that just adds to my sewing displeasure. Which leads into the number one reason why sewing and I just do not get along as much as I’d like to – PROCRASTINATION.

I have a plethora of UFOs (that’s “unfinished objects” to the uninitiated). They build up and create a feeling of despair whenever I cast my eyes around the room. But try as I might to turn over a new leaf and finish one project before starting another, the constant barrage of ideas in my brain eventually ends up being too difficult to ignore and the boring “old” project is cast aside to make room for a “new” one which, in all probability, is also destined for the label of “UFO”.

Hence this blog. I am hoping, against all odds, that writing about my projects just might give me the incentive to see a few more through to completion. And maybe, just maybe, I might make some inroads into “The Stash” faster than I can add to it!


Scattered Sewing….


This blog is dedicated to my on and off sewing projects. They are often somewhat disorganised, and many will sit half finished for weeks, months, or even years, before I finally pick them up again.

I am hoping that blogging about my projects might give me an incentive to work through that roadblock I often encouter when working on a project, so that I complete more sewing and begin to make a dent in my obsessively collected pile of fabric and habadashery!!

I hope that you can find some use in what I write, as I plan to catalogue my projects in such a way that others can learn from them. I have been greatly helped by other bloggers in the past, and this is a way to pay the favour forward.

Happy sewing!!